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From our organic variety of the best flowers in Canada, laboratory produced edibles, filler free distillate vape pens medicated - botanically hemp derived CBD oils, to our premium hashish from the lands of Mazār-e Sharīf, we have the absolute best of anything you are looking for - guaranteed


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Serving the GTA since 2008, our collective continues to provide our city with the best bang for buck source of organic flowers & assortment. We serve YOU & put our clients on a pedestal, especially now that we have parted ways with the previous connoisseur platform! We want to give our members a personalized experience to accommodate their needs & inquiries! Now offering NO DELIVERY FEE, we want to expand our relationships to your friends & family, offering you a $15 discount upon every referral who purchases thanks to your support. Moreover, FFC will offer bulk rates to our preexisting clientele. We value your loyalty at a time when the market majority is intending to cripple all sources of our common love - cannabis, & force feed Canadians with genetically modified, dried up, lesser quality supply at demented price points. These local dispensers feed into the corrupt levels of gov’t legislation using their warrants - reserving the right to finesse you with shitty products that won’t do the job. Well guess what? We’re not leaving our beloved city empty handed & will never stop doing the Lord’s work of healing our populace, now it’s up to you to play your part! Support locally owned businesses & show us some love by spreading the good word! Elevatefruit.com


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